Speeding up your work with the Svantek Noise Level Meters

A tutorial, real data and example reports...

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n this section you can download some presentations to explain how Svantool will do the job for you.

In the user feedback, I often get the respons that the interface is not intuitive enough. That is because it is not a user program, but a batch processing program. The application works for you with a minimum of user interaction. I will modify the user interface to meet the suggestions.

Download and install the demo version.

Download the general howto to feel how the application is used. Right-click to save the pdf-file.

Processing logfiles:

An example is created, based on to measuring points near an industrial site that was shut down for maintenance. In the second half of the measuring period the plant starts again. The howto_logfiles shows how the files are processed and gives a glimps of the report built on the svantool result files. You can download all components to process it yourselve.

  1. Download the measurements: MP1.svn and MP2.svn, rightclick to save in an arbitrary directory
  2. Download the svantool settings: example.sts, rightclick to save...
  3. Start the svantool_demo.exe
  4. Load the settings file
  5. Open the measurements and watch the progress...
  6. Open the example reports with the results I prepared on the data: MP1.xls and MP2.xls, rightclick...

Once you have worked your way through these example, you will feel the advantages.

  1. Make up your mind about the post-processing, create it and start it...
  2. Report and analyse it at your own wishes in Excel templates you define yourselve.
  3. Make sure you save the svantool settings for your typical analyses.
  4. Make sure you can reuse the excel report as much as possible.
  5. Loop the post-processing for additional analysing if you want something else to be done...


Processing manual measurements or automatic statistics

If you use many manual measurements, Svantool is usefull too. Do you want to work with the standard statistical files created during the logging process ? No problem.

Did you measure a complete site with different settings (13Octave, FFT's of different settings, logs at equipment with fluctuating emission)? With Svantool you can get the results out of the measurement files without any effort, regardless the file type. The results will be put in table like file with a different file for each setting used.

This example data contains three directories with a variety of manual saved measurements and automaticly saved measurements. The measurement type changes according to the local needs (FFT or 1/3 Octave, different ranges of the spectral content)..

  1. Save and extract the data.
  2. Save the settings.
  3. Start Svantool and load the settings.
  4. Open the top directory in Svantool.

The results are several files. Two for each measurement setting, one with the main results (Leq's and statistical levels), one with the spectral results. It is the same action as 'merging' in SvanPC but with a few advantages.

The metadata of the measurement is exported as well, it is straight away avalable in a file for further processing (several manual action in SvanPC+)and the filename is descriptive enough to find your targetted results in a glinch. I the futher I will make the exported metadata customizable.

Using Svantool in automated mode...

If you want to automate your processing of Svantek results, you can do so using Svantool.

If you start a process in the command line or by any other mean of automation like:

svantool.exe settings.sts <filepath>

it will act as if you manually started svantool, loaded the settings file and opened the file to process. All other post-processing you desire (and maybe made yourselve already), can be controlled by you after Svantool did his part of the job.

I follow up all the firmware and equipment modification, you are in control of everything else you want to be in control.

I use this technique to test my new releases. I process a complete list of typical measurements from different equipment with different postprocessing settings. A comparison is made with the validated output and I get a warning if the new version differs from the original. It makes it easy to do a good quality control.

You could use it to automate the processing from automically downloaded results in longterm measurements. Results can be moved to a database for longterm evaluations.


Just imagine...

And if it is not possible with Svantool, you can just ask.. maybe I might implement it...