Speeding up your work with the Svantek Noise Level Meters

Learn about a new time saving tool...

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  • is a batch processor with the main focus on the logfiles.
  • gives you a briljant way to reduce the content of the large logfiles for easy interpretation.
  • is very affordable
  • will make your svantek a very good investment !!

Svantool tasks:

  • exports all measurement data of standard measurements into a SvanPC+-like tabular text file
  • merging all main results, statistical levels and spectra of standard measurements by type
  • exports all buffer/log data
  • calculates all defined post-processing functions on the buffer/log data
    • Statistical levels (any period, any set LN, all stored profiles)
    • Logarithmic averages of profiles and/or saved spectra
    • Linear averages of profiles and/or saved spectra
    • Evaluation of markers
    • Averaged spectra by statistical levels
    • FFT: Partial sum of custom defined frequencybands
    • Evaluation of events
  • save/load settings to get similar results for similar measurement tasks
  • results are accessible with any type of software (tab-text)
  • will extend its functionality in time


This tool is designed for the new generation of Svantek equipment, so you can take the benefit of storing large logfiles on USB-devices. The old equipment is not forgotten as well, so you will be able to extend your measurement capabilities without switching from one to the other evaluation tool just to get your basic data.

SVAN 959, SVAN 957, SVAN 949, SVAN 947, SVAN 945A have been tested already. Dosimeters and all the other equipment will be supported as soon as possible.

In my personal opinion, svantek users are not using the capabilities of their equipment at its full capacity. Especially the logging functionality is underestimated.

That is not the fault of the Svantek users,but due to the lack of reliable software to do this kind of processing. They are taking giant steps with SvanPC+, but the application is still stopping at the moment it could get really interesting for the users, namely analysing the log-files indept...

I am facing a problem. I made a nice piece software of software with as main feature evaluating the logfiles. Few svantek users use their equipment in a way they can benifit from my hard work.

This website has a few different tasks:

  • re-educating the svantek users to learn to appreciate the logging functionality
  • learn them what benifits my tool has if they actually log their longterm measurements
  • and selling my tool of course...

The new generation 95x has unlimited capabilities for logging. The only real limit is battery power, so if you have 220 V available, you can log everything you want... if you would have the right software to process the data.

Svantool is designed to make this possible !!

My personal record is a svn file of 3.2 Gb (11 days of 1 second 1920 lines FFT), processed in SvanTool without any problem.

This website is growing day by day, as is Svantool itself. Come and take a look at regular times.

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